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Windows Runtime Component and Resharper 7.0x

For those working with Windows Runtime Components and using Resharper 7.0x, save yourself some headache time and update Resharper to 7.1  Without the update Resharper will show errors on your components declarations in C#, even though everything compiles and works.    I think they call it a wild goose chase.

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Windows Phone 8 IP over USB blocking port 8888

Today I rebooted my Windows 8 Workstation with my Windows Phone 8 (awesome White Lumia 920) plugged in.  I then tried to start Fiddler and it would not start, complaining something was already listening on port 8888.  So a quick check on the command line, and sure enough something was: So netstat says that ProcessID […]

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Smart Potato 2.1 Lite Available on Marketplace

Smart Potato 2.1 Lite is not available on Marketplace.  This is the free (supported by some Ads, but not a ton like many of the others I’ve seen) version of Smart Potato with almost all features included.  However, as a result of some last minute problems with the secondary server settings, the secondary server will […]

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