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Talk2Me 1.3 Released

Talk2Me 1.3 is now available in both a Paid and Free version in Marketplace.  Thank you to everyone that has downloaded and uses Talk2Me.  In the first two months we have had over 1200 users register and user Talk2Me. The feedback user is added upon first registration automatically.  Please feel free to send ideas, recommendations or test messages to feedback.  We don’t respond to all feedback messages, but do listen to them all!

As always, we appreciate the positive feedback on Marketplace, and Talk2Me is currently the 10th ranked app in the Social Category.

One of the most common questions we receive is “how can I talk to users on iPhones or Android devices?”.  We are actively working with a couple of developers to try and bring Talk2Me to other platforms.  If you or someone you know is interesting in developing for the Talk2Me services, please contact us at talk2Me@ntworld.com.

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