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Windows Phone 8 IP over USB blocking port 8888

Today I rebooted my Windows 8 Workstation with my Windows Phone 8 (awesome White Lumia 920) plugged in.  I then tried to start Fiddler and it would not start, complaining something was already listening on port 8888.  So a quick check on the command line, and sure enough something was:


So netstat says that ProcessID 1864 was listening on port 8888.  Using the new Task manager in Windows 8, we can quickly determine was process it was:


This is the first I have seen of this.  Interesting, so a quick check of the services, finds this one:


In the end, I’ll just move fiddler to a different port to resolve the problem.

As an interesting side note, I turned off Wi-Fi and Cellular data on my phone to see if it would use this connection while plugged into my computer.  It didn’t work.  It would be nice if it did, but with blazingly fast Wi-Fi speeds on my new Lumia 920 compared to my old Titan, probably not a big deal anymore.

2 Responses to “Windows Phone 8 IP over USB blocking port 8888”

  • Prasad says:

    Could you please explain clearly how to establish a connection IP over USB from PC to Windows Phone 8

  • admin says:

    AFAIK, there is no way to establish a connection (at least for us end users). The connection this article is talking about is for the management apps for Windows Phone 8 that allow you to see the status of the phone, whether it is locked, batter life, etc). I’m not sure if this is used to transfer files or if the normal USB mode is used for that.

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