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Last Updated: November 8, 2011

1. Age Restrictions

Talk2Me is a personal voice messaging service for users of 13 years of age or older.  By using the service or applications using the service, you agree that you are atleast 13 years of age and if under 18 years of age, have the consent of a parent or guardian.

2. Personal Information

Talk2Me does not collection any personal information, except for an optional (not required to use) Phone Number and Email Address.  When you register for an account, you will be allowed to specify a username as well.  This information is stored for internal use and is not available for others users.

Currently there is no options to share this information with other users.  At a later time an option may be added to allow users to automatically find you based on your email address or phone number matching entries in thier contact list.  This option will be opt-in (not enabled by default) and you will have to explicitly turn on this feature for other users who have your email or phone number in their contact list to match your information.

3. Friend Requests, Approvals and Blocks

For someone to send you a message, you must pre-approve them.  They must know your username and search for it.  You will be sent a request, which you can approve or block.  If you approve the request, not only will the other person be able to send you messages, but you will be able to send them messages as well.  If you chose to block a user, not only will they be prevented from sending messages to you, but they will also not be able to request you as a friend while the block is enabled.

4. Message Status

Talk2Me will show whether a message has been played or not denoted by a * next to the senders/receivers name.  No status is available about a user themselves.  Talk2Me retains the Sender, Recipient, SendDate and PlayDate for each message.

5. Message Rentention

Messages are retained on the system for a minimum of 30 days.  After 30 days messages may be deleted based on their played status.  Messages are retained on the system for a maximum of 90 days, before they are purged.

6. Legal Disclosure

Talk2Me may be required by local, state or federal authorities to disclose information collected for legal requirements.  The jurisdiction is the United States, Washington State and Spokane County.  If hosting servers are used, additional legal jurisdictions may apply based on where the hosting servers are located.




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