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Talk2Me Help

Below are some instructions for how to use Talk2Me.


If you have an existing account, set the New User option to no.  If you are creating a new account, set the New User option to yes.

Enter your username and PIN.   New Users also enter the Verify PIN as well.  You can include your email and phone number.  These pieces of information will be used to match contacts to associate a contact picture.  A future version will allow you to set auto-allow, in which case the application will match email and phone and automatically add users who match your contact information.

Request Users

Select the users application bar icon from the main screen, then select the Add user icon. Enter the username of a friend and hit enter or click the search option.  If the user is found, you will be added to their request list (they still have to approve you unless they have auto approve enabled).  If only one user is found, a request will be sent without any additional actions.  If multiple users are matched, you will need to select a user then select the add user button.

Approve Users

Select the users application bar icon from the main screen, swipe over to the requests page.  Select a user and click the User Add button.  This will approve the user and allow for sending messages between yourself and that user.  In the request list users with () around them are users you have sent requests to and pending approval.  You can remove the request, but obviously can’t approve your own request.

Send Message

Hold down on the “Hold to Talk” button.  After you hear the single beep, say your message while continuing to hold the button.  When done let up on the button to send the message.  There is a 15 second maxium length and a countdown timer shows above the button to let you know how much time you have left.

Play Message

Select the message in the list to play it.  Arrow pointing to user is to them (from you).  Arrow pointing away from user is from them (to you).

Message List

Items listed are:  Date, #Seconds, Direction of message (arrow to user is to them, away from user is from them), other user.  If a * appears before the username, that message has not been played by the receiving user.


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