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Below is a list of changes for each version of Smart Potato.

V1.7 – Unreleased
Added: Preliminary support for Music, Videos and Pictures

V1.6 – 3/10/2011
Changed: Recorded TV Details hides options during initial load
Changed: Removed Cancel options on Series Detail (use long-hold on Scheduled TV or Series list to cancel a series)
Changed: Better handling of situations where network is not available
Changed: Settings back button changed to a cancel button to adhere to WP7 guidelines of no back button
Changed: Guide starts at current hour for the current day rather than midnight.
Changed: Guide now shows Record Once and Record Series red circle(s) respectively for scheduled shows.
Changed: You can click anywhere in a guide listing to show details rather than just the text.
Changed: When using the cache, Scheduled TV Programmes in the past are not displayed in list.
Changed: Using Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Toolkit Feb 2011 stable
Changed: Removed Record Series App Bar Button on Episode Detail screen, since both buttons bring up the record options screen that has the true once/series choice.

Added: Scheduled TV and Recorded TV have refresh button
Added: Guide shows are color coded for News, Movies, and Sports

Fixed: Channel Call Sign and Number is displayed in Scheduled TV Lists.
Fixed: Program Details screen always shows series record icon even if program was not being recorded
Fixed: Sometimes when scrolling the guide it will scroll and then show the details of the show where you touched to scroll

V1.5 – 2/11/11
Fixed: After viewing the details of a Recorded TV or Scheduled TV item, SmartPotato would stop working
Fixed: Listing of TV shows within a day in the Recorded TV by date list was in Alphabetical not reverse Chronological
Fixed: Display during streaming would stay on after first touch of screen and not toggle off.

V1.4 – 2/8/11
Fixed: When Server connection is not available, the app will give the web error rather than “Error Parsing XML” for Scheduled TV Loading.
Fixed: Flicking left/right while media was not playing would cause a start of the video.
Fixed: After five tries of restarting from an Already Streaming situation, it would not reset the counter if you hit play again.
Fixed: Shows without a title or Description might not show up in the RecordedTV or Scheduled TV sections
Fixed: Guide black background not readable is phone theme changed to light
Fixed: Settings is now Multiple Pages and allows access to bottom pick list size/quality options.
Fixed: All Portrait screens show the system bar (clock).
Fixed: Ordering for name displays so “the xxx” is correctly sorted based on value after “the ” and not “the”.
Fixed: Guide scrolling now correctly smooth scrolls correctly.

Changed: Flicks to skip ff/rw ignored when media is not playing
Changed: Duration display will stay showing during a flick rather than toggling on/off.
Changed: Force Login/Settings load each time app starts. This can work around “Not found” error that requires settings save/reload.
Changed: Clicking on a Channel will bring up a per-day Channel Listing for the next 10 days in a panorama view
Changed: Flicks during streaming now are variable and change the ff/rew based on the flick force
Changed: Scheduled, Recording TV and Channels using Pivot controls rather than Panorama controls, since they are actually the same data
Changed: Play/Stop button alternates based on the state of the media
Changed: Aligned Naming Conventions of title, date, channel, number, etc to match the Media Center UI nomenclature.
Changed: Consist layout and color of Show/Title/Details information for Recorded and Scheduled TV.

Added: Long-Hold context Menu to allow Scheduling a recording from Search and Channel Guide Listings
Added: Ability to specify pre/post padding and new/new & rerun settings for a recording
Added: Ability to cancel single recordings and series from Scheduled/Series screen as as well as Detail Screen
Added: Progress bars on most pages when loading or performing actions.
Added: Guide has a jump to channel picklist to jump directly to a channel without having to scroll.
Added: Controls in Landscape mode and Duration value moved to left so visible with app bar showing
Added: Series Sort List for Recorded TV which only lists shows associated to a series
Added: Channel Logos are displayed in the new Channel Listings and Guide Listings.
Added: Ability to turn on/off zoom/pinch function for streaming.
Added: Ability to delete a recorded Episode via pop-up menu on Recorded TV listings.

Known: Record and Record Series buttons are grey when using the light theme

V1.3 – 1/6/2011
Fixed: Mispelling of Smart Potato on Episode Detail screen
Fixed: After switching between Portrait and Landscape in the Episode detail screen, the text was cut off on the left
Fixed: Aspect Ratio of Recorded TV Thumbnail was wrong
Fixed: Streaming TV Landscape Mode shows background information if stream not full screen.
Fixed: Theme Accent color is correctly used rather than teal
Fixed: Locales using a , as decimal point caused an ErrorInStreamRequest
Fixed: Resuming from tombstoning while at Recorded TV Detail or Recorded TV Episode list would cause a crash

Changed: Removed title Background colors on panorama screen
Changed: Guide only shows 7 rows at a time rather than 8
Changed: Guide uses 10 min slices rather than 30 min slices to provide more accurate listings
Changed: Guide now includes Episode below title for Shows with duration 55 mins or longer
Changed: Added context menu on search results for record once and record series
Changed: Increased size of time counter and combined status and buffer % into one field
Changed: You can flick left/right in landscape mode to skip fw/bk by 1 minute
Changed: Added several details to Recorded TV listings, including HD, DRM, Channel and Duration

Test: Landscape Streaming mode allows for zoom (double click to enable).
Test: In Landscape Streaming mode can change the vertical aspect ratio by twisting during a pinch action.

V1.2 – 12/29/2010

* First Version Approved to Marketplace

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